Ticket Donations Program

Donation Policy
The Minnesota Orchestra supports other non-profit organizations through our Ticket Donations Program. We donate hundreds of tickets per year to area non-profit organizations that support civic outreach, education or the arts.

Your organization is eligible to apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • The ticket donation would be featured in a silent auction.
  • The benefactor for your silent auction is a non-profit organization associated with the arts, education or civic outreach without political affiliation.
  • Event must be a minimum of 6 weeks away.

Application Process
Please note that the Ticket Donations Program for the Minnesota Orchestra is an entirely electronic program. We no longer accept donation requests by mail or over the phone. Please fill out the following form for all donation requests.

  • Please fill out the electronic form below and press the `Send Donation Request` button.
  • An automatic confirmation of receipt will be emailed to you immediately with an order number.
  • Our common practice is to reply to your request about a month before your fundraising event, and if there is availability, we will donate a pair of tickets to a specific Minnesota Orchestra concert scheduled sometime after your event.
  • Upon review, you will receive a final electronic response to your request. If we are able to donate, we will mail you a Ticket Donation Voucher and informational letter.

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Other Information

If you have questions about the
application process or the status of an application,
please email tickets@mnorch.org.